Risk Consulting

The name Black Ice is derived from the phenomenon of black ice on roads – a hazard that you are not aware of until it is too late.  We understand the importance of identifying potential hazards in advance, in order to comply with legislative requirements, and to prevent adverse events from occurring, which can endanger people, be detrimental to business reputation, and be time consuming and costly to deal with.

Black Ice can help you comprehensively identify and manage operational hazards, enabling you to meet compliance requirements and follow industry best practice, through our in-depth risk consulting services and workshops.  Your ability to conduct early and thorough risk assessments, and apply effective risk management strategies, will enable you to resolve issues for the lowest possible cost, and prevent certain issues from occurring altogether.

Our engineers have extensive industry knowledge and experience working in system design, commissioning, and safety roles, and our clients include tier 1 mining companies, OEMs, and suppliers of systems to companies working in the coal, aluminium, iron ore, rail, and grain industries.

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